STEM activities

“Play is the highest form of research”

– Albert Einstein –

Simple DIY Scale For STEM And Nature Play

Easy DIY scale to invite your children to play and discover STEM concepts. Use natural materials for even more STEM learning!

Playful And Colorful Water Play For Kids

Take the learning outside with this playful and colorful water play for kids. A wonderful experiment for kids of all ages!

Ultimate Holiday STEM: Christmas Indoor Game For The Whole Family

Can you wire up the Christmas lights? Check out this engaging Christmas indoor game. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Spoon Ding Challenge: Engaging Ramp Activity For Early STEM

Engaging and educational activity to encourage critical thinking, motor skills, and much more! Build a ramp together and see if you can hear the ding.

Gardening With Kids: Beautiful Math And Art Activity

Gardening with kids is already awesome for their development. Add this beautiful math and art activity and nurture learning even more.

Discover Color Mixing With This Simple Hands-on Activity

Simple hands-on color mixing activity that will help kids develop fine motor skills and critical thinking as they learn about primary colors

Hands-on Engineering For Kids: How To Make A Wind Farm

Amazing hands-on engineering for kids of all ages. Create a wind farm and explore science and engineering concepts. Simple and fun for all!

Nature Puzzles: A Wonderful Way To Explore Shapes

Create beautiful nature puzzles with your kids and explore shapes and other important skills with them. Simple and fun for all!

5 Brilliant Ways To Experiment With Oobleck

Explore the creative side of science and discover fun ways to experiment with oobleck. Easy to make and extremely engaging for little ones!

Fantastic Outdoor Game With Great Learning Potential

Learn how to play Jump The River with your kids and encourage some problem-solving and engineering skills with this fantastic outdoor game!

Math Art Project For Kids: Easy DIY Shape Stencils

Fun and easy way to create math art with your kids using DIY shape stencils with materials you have at home. Design and create beautiful works of art using math and turn your home or classroom into a math art gallery

Simple Science Project For Kids: Float or Sink

Perfect simple science project for curious little explorers. Experiment with your kids and develop scientific vocabulary by testing which natural materials float or sink

Beautiful Hands-on Activities For Preschoolers: STEM Nature Eggs

A simple project that will get you and your little ones exploring nature, working on motor skills and developing scientific vocabulary through observation and play. 

Math For Toddlers: Easy Sensory Bath Time Activity

Sneak in some math at bath time with this easy-to-make bath paint. Messy play meets STEM learning opportunity.

Milk The Cow STEM Challenge: Can You Mimic Nature?

Fun hands on activity for the whole family that encourages children to think like an engineer. Create a milking device and have fun discovering how to use it.

STEM Nature Box: Sort, Categorize, And Learn

Create your own STEM Nature Box. Sneak in some STEM skills while you sort, categorize, learn about plants and explore nature.

Earth Day STEM Activities: Build Awareness And Reconnect With Our Planet

Wonderfully simple ideas to do with your kids (or just by yourself!) to reconnect with nature and gain environmental awareness. Be present and mindful about the impact we have on our planet.

String Rainbow Art Project: Explore Shapes With String

Explore shapes with string and make your own rainbow string! Color mixing, motor skills, math, creativity and lots of fun!

Save Water Activity: A Simple And Easy Experiment

Teach kids about saving water and find out how much water you use. Easy and low-prep experiment that is important and interesting for the whole family!

Movement and 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt

Fun scavenger hunt to get your kids hopping, crawling and tiptoeing around as they look for all kinds of things they can experience with their senses!

Exciting Math Games For Movement And Learning

Fun and engaging math games to get your children moving and learning. Stay at Home STEM

Great Engaging Activity: Fun Ways To Use Straws

Find fun ways to use straws and invite your children to discover differnet ways of using everyday objects

Multisensory Learning: The Sound and Feel of Materials

Discover how materials feel and what sounds they make with this multisensory learning activity. Fun for the whole family and all ages!

My Pattern Book: Pattern Recognition And Art On The Go

Pattern awareness is key to child development. Help your children with their pattern recognition with this little pattern book. Print it out and take it anywhere!

STEM Road Trip Experiment

Looking for a way to keep children entertained during long drives. Check out this STEM Road Trip Experiment and sneak in some STEM learning on the drive!

STEM Water Play: 8 Fun Activities to try this Summer

Fun STEM water play activities to cool down this summer and get your kids brains working! Enjoy playing outside and learning some STEM principles.

Fun Color Experiment For Toddlers Who Love A Good Mess

Feel colors with this sensory jello experiment. Discover if colored jello blends colors or not. Hands-on sensory fun for your little ones.

DIY Math Game with Playdough

DIY math game with playdough. Create a fun and hands-on game for your children to help them with counting, adding, colors and patterns.

STEM Challenge: The Tower of Random Things

Invite your children to think outside of the box! To find new ways of using old and random things!

STEM Project: Engineer a House out of Natural Materials

STEM family project for making a house out of natural materials, explore construction principles and nature with your kids as they learn!

STEM Experiment: Scientific Method Float or Sink Activity

Discover why things floar or sink following the scientific method. A guided project for the whole family!

STEM Activity: Build a Pyramid and Learn about Shapes

A STEM family project that will help your kids learn about shapes as you build a pyramid.