Playful And Colorful Water Play For Kids

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Color mixing is such a great way for kids and toddlers to experiment! They choose colors, observe what happens, and try out different combinations to see what comes out. It nurtures their curious mind and develops their thinking skills. And they are able to do it by themselves which is always so much fun! The set up requires some help from an adult but you can also involve your kids in the design process and foster some DIY engineering abilities. We kept trying out the angle of the bottles together to see if we had to position them in a “more vertical or more horizontal” way. Keep reading to find out how we set up this water play for kids:


  • 3 plastic bottles with their tops
  • A big container to collect the water
  • 3 containers to mix primary colors
  • Something to scoop and pour water (we used measuring cups with handles)
  • Food coloring (red, blue, yellow)

Water Play For Kids Set Up:

  • Cut off the bottom of two of the bottles and cut the other one in half
  • Fix them to a tree, wall, corkboard… we used nails to fix ours to a big pine tree
  • Mix water and food coloring
  • Experiment with colors

That’s it! A simple set up, loads of color mixing fun.

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