Parenting for STEM

Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated”

– Rosalind Franklin –

Discover The Parenting Mindset That Will Boost STEM Learning

As a parent we often overlook the impact we have on our children’s learning. Find out ways to boost their learning with this simple mindset.

How To Develop Early Math Skills Outdoors

Simple ideas to help children develop early math skills outdoors and in nature. Fun hands-on activities for every day.

Discover The Best Strategies For Learning That Sticks

7 simple strategies that will help you understand how to unleash learning potential from your home through educational activities

Play-Based Learning: How Children Learn Through Play

Find out how play-based learning works and how you can encourage it at home by understanding how play can lead to learning.

Have You Wondered With Your Kid Today?

Find out the benefits of wondering out loud with your kids. Reflect on the language you use and explore the world together.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Free Play. A STEM Perspective

Learn how you can let your child engage in free play and hope for more specific STEM learning. The dos and don’ts of free play from a STEM perspective

Connect As A Family Through Play And Discovery

Scroll through some great STEM activities and find inspiration to connect as a family through play and discovery.

What is STEM and why is STEM Learning important?

An overview of what STEM is and why it is important. Particularily why STEM learning is important for children

Amazing STEM Quotes to Inspire your Kids

Inspirational quotes to nurture the mind and soul of STEM kids and adults

5 Tips to Transform STEM Activities at Home

Transform your home STEM activities into learning experiences with these helpful tips

5 Reasons for Supporting STEM Learning at Home

Learn why it is important to support STEM learning at home and how you can help your children reap the benefits of STEM education