We are Anni and Stefan and we started this blog to inspire parents to bring more STEM into their home and help them create educational STEM experiences. We believe in a holistic approach to STEM. One that integrates the academic aspect, such as math and science, with life skills, and places it at the center of the real world, creating awareness and awakening curiosity about the world we live in. Basically we believe that STEM is everywhere and everything can be connected to STEM.

We invite adults to be mindful about how they interact and play with their kids when engaging in educational activities by gently offering guidance and suggestions on how to do this in each activity

For us, it is not just about the coolest science experiments or the best math worksheets. It is about nurturing the curious little explorer within and providing him or her with the necessary tools to take on any challenge, be it scientific or not. We draw on experience and personal research to engage with our daughters in educational activities and this is what we share on this blog. We believe in a hands-on approach with a strong focus on nature, inquiry, and play. We seek to awaken the STEM kid by allowing them to play and make observations so that they can understand the world around them, connect ideas and learn in a fun and engaging way.

A bit more about us:

We are not just both educators but partners, friends and colleagues at the same time. Everything in our life has been revolving around education for many years. Back in 2011 we met during a stay in Poland and since then haven’t left each other’s side. With our two daughters we became the family we are now. We have a normal family life filled with struggles, emotions, expectations and routines. 

Stefan, born in East-Germany studied sociology and worked in different NGOs with children of all ages and cultures giving him a very diverse perspective on children’s needs and learning skills. During his career as a social worker he focused on the needs and chances of young people within their families and outside on their own to create resources towards a fulfilling life path.

Anni, half American half Spanish, studied Engineering while tutoring math and science. She worked for some years as an engineer before switching careers and obtaining her Master’s in Education with a focus on Technology. She has worked as an educator on and off with schools and through her own workshops. Her perspective on learning STEM concepts has a scientific and educational foundation.

We became parents in 2017 and this added a whole new perspective on how kids learn. As our baby started growing up we would be amazed at how her little brain would work to understand the world around her and our scientific minds scrolled the internet looking for perfect activities to support this. This is when we realized that there are some great activities out there but they are lacking something. They are missing guidance for parents. Guidance that will support kids in connecting the dots and truly learning from what they are doing. Already as an engineer, when Anni was often confronted with some head-scratching challenges she was so amazed at how, from one moment to the next, the answer suddenly materialized, creating a lightbulb moment! So we started to ask ourselves if we were able to recreate these lightbulb moments in activities. Activities that are based on wonder and problem-solving and that can help kids, with a little guidance from us, reach some wonderful discoveries of their own. 

That is when we decided we wanted to start a blog and share our activities and discoveries with other parents. We love creating activities that guide children and allow them to have lightbulb moments of their own and help parents learn how they can transform each activity into a true educational experience. At a first glance you might not think that some of our activities have anything to do with STEM but we hope to change your mind about that! Because STEM is not only about the subjects, it is a way of thinking and looking at problems. It is a way of using your brain and training it to look at problems in a specific and sometimes methodical way. And in the process learn the subject and have fun!

So this is us, a pinch of engineering with a dash of education and social work mixed together and turned into parents who have a passion for creating lightbulb moments. We want to help you bring STEM learning into your home in a way that is fun, educational and that will get your children’s brain working.

What you will find on this blog:

Join us on this journey of becoming STEMful parents. Our mission with this blog is to share with you all the resources we come across in our quest to bring more STEM into our home. This information will help you gain the necessary skills to guide your kids’ STEM learning from home. Some examples of what you will find as the blog grows:

  • Information about STEM and related topics to give you a better understanding of what STEM is and how it connects to the world.
  • Guided STEM activities that will help you recreate those lightbulb moments at home
  • Tips and tricks on how to implement STEM into your daily life
  • Resources such as books, games, courses and other cool and fun stuff that will help you in your quest to becoming a STEMful parent

All this will give you insight into STEM and your child’s development. Furthermore, it will help you understand how promoting STEM learning can be beneficial. It is important to note that these tools are intended to help all parents, even those without a STEM background. The resources on this page will help you support STEM learning with confidence and while having fun!

Hope you find inspiration in this blog and fill your home with STEMful experiences.

Happy STEM learning!